Amid Unrest, New Emissaries Join Chabad of Hong Kong

Amid Unrest, New Emissaries Join Chabad of Hong Kong

Rabbi Mordechai and Goldie Avtzon at Chabad of Hong Kong are maintaining steady calm and focus. Last month, they recruited Rabbi Chaim and Menuchy Birnhack to serve the younger demographic of Asia’s World City.

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University of Pittsburgh Marks One Year for Tree of Life

On October 27, 2018, the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh became the site of the worst mass killing of Jews in America. At the nearby University of Pittsburgh, the outpouring of support for the Jewish community on campus was instant and firm.

Ashira Weiss | News | Tuesday, October 29

Odessa's Orphans

The Jewish community, which provides hundreds of the city’s Jewish children with daily meals, shelter, and the education they need to hope for a better future, is now fighting for its survival. Today, community leaders describe a crisis that has reached “catastrophic” levels, leaving them without the critical funding needed to continue the most basic humanitarian services.

Rena Udkoff | News | Monday, October 28

Hot Meals and Warm Jewish Spirit Uplift Stranded Passengers in Barcelona

After technical delays forced a Norwegian airline traveling from Israel to New York to land in Barcelona, Spain, more than 100 passengers found themselves stranded with nothing to eat. The passengers, returning from the Sukkot holiday in the Holy Land, had already experienced a delayed departure. Many of them, kosher consumers, and unable to to exit the airport without visas, left many adults and children had run out of food.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Thursday, October 24

12 Hours in the Heart of the Hood

Members of 10 Atlanta Chabad centers met at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for a six a.m. flight last Wednesday. The 83 travelers, ranging in age from four months to their mid-70s, took off into the sunrise for 12 hours of Soul travel.

Dvora Lakein | News | Thursday, October 24

Treasures From the Chabad Library

The library’s collection was started by the founder of Chabad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), and expanded with each subsequent Lubavitcher Rebbe. Throughout this timespan, it survived the ravages of Jewish travails—sustaining considerable losses in fires, confiscations by hostile governments, and relocations within Eastern Europe as Jews fled from one place to another—until it was finally smuggled out of communist Russia to the United States.

Baila Olidort | News | Thursday, October 24

Meet Hallandale's New CTeen Directors

That’s the winter I met the guy who would, some years later, become my husband. I met Joey at the CTeen International Shabbaton in New York.

Rachel Wilkes Goffstein as told to Mussi Sharfstein | News | Thursday, October 17

Rabbi Chaim and Menuchy Birnhack have recently moved out as new Shluchim, joining Chabad of Hong Kong.

Rabbi Chaim and Menuchy Birnhack have recently moved out as new Shluchim, joining Chabad of Hong Kong. Go to galleryGo to gallery »

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