Volume 26 of Rebbe's Correspondence Published


January 6, 2004

Kehot Publication Society, the Lubavitch Publishing House, announced the publication of the 26th volume of Igrot Kodesh, “Holy Epistles,” by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This hefty 600-page volume containing some 420 letters from the years 1969-70, written for the most part in Hebrew and brings the total of the Rebbe’s letters printed thus far in this series close to 10,000.

The Rebbe’s correspondents include statesmen and homemakers, chief rabbis and Bar/Bat Mitzvah youngsters, scientists, communal leaders and laymen. These letters offer insight to the growth of Chabad-Lubavitch as a worldwide organization, and its impact on post Holocaust Jewish life.

The range of topics covered in these letters is broad, including as it does matters of Jewish esoteric interest, Jewish law, Chasidic philosophy, and the Jewish perspective on science and politics. But many turn to these letters because of the insightful guidance they offer on a human, personal level concerning relationships, personal development and social and communal affairs.

Of special interest in this volume are the letters dealing with the Rebbe’s campaign to stabilize Jewish neighborhoods, the tefillin campaign and peace in Israel.

The Igrot Kodesh series, containing the prolific correspondence of seven leaders of Chabad-Lubavitch, presently contains 48 volumes, beginning with the correspondence of Rabbi Schneur Zalman, founder of Chabad-Lubavitch, through to Volume 26 of the Rebbe’s correspondence.

The Kehot Publication Society, established in 1942 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is the world’s largest publisher of Jewish literature and has brought Torah education to nearly every Jewish community in the world. Millions of volumes have been disseminated to date and have been translated into Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew and Yiddish. Their goal is to satisfy the thirst for knowledge for which “The People of the Book” have always been identified.

This volume, as well as the complete catalog of Chabad-Lubavitch publications, is available online at: kehotonline.com.

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