Purim Ad Campaign Invites California Jewry to Celebrate the Holiday

by Raizy Metzger - LOS ANGELES, CA

March 4, 2004

“Purim is around the corner... and so are we” proclaims a series of full page ads placed last week by Chabad of California in Jewish newspapers across the state. And though the graphics are bright and the copy appealing, campaign developers say the ad is more than a good slogan- they mean it literally.

“Of the hundreds of thousands of Jews targeted by the campaign, chances are that good percentages actually live right around the corner from a Chabad center,” says Rabbi Shmuel Marcus of Chabad of Rossmoor-Cypress. What with 196 Chabad centers dotting every few miles of the California landscape, he probably isn’t far off.

Marcus, who directed the ad campaign together with two other California Chabad Rabbis, says the campaign serves to make people aware of Chabad’s extensive reach in the state, enabling them to hook up their friends with Chabad in their area. “Let’s say a guy likes hanging out in Chabad of S. Francisco,” he says, “Now he has a cousin in Temecula- this is very common, people have family and friends all over the state. With this ad, he can call his cousin and say, hey, there’s a Purim party happening right near you that you would love.” And with detailed information included for every location in the print of the ad, he can also tell her the address, time, admission price and theme of the party, without even calling for information.

Ads hit major Jewish papers in four regions- Los Angeles, Orange County, S. Diego County, and Northern California- on February 27th. With a detailed list of Purim events, from a Caribbean Purim in Redondo Beach to ‘Purim Peking’ in Topanga, “there’s a place for everyone in every neighborhood in California to celebrate this Purim,” Marcus says. “The goal of these ads is to ensure people are aware of that.”

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