Two Million Pounds of Matzah Across the FSU


March 30, 2004

Two million pounds of matzah and 250,000 bottles of wine are being distributed to Jewish communities in the fifteen republics of the Former Soviet Union, by the Federation of Jewish Communities

Some 300 rabbinic students will arrive from the U.S.A. and Israel in the next few days will join local Yeshiva students to organize and lead Passover Seders. A project jointly coordinated by the FJC and Lubavitch World Headquarters in New York, "in order to provide joyful festival celebrations for Jews in even the most remote communities where there are no full time Rabbis," says Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, Executive Director of the FJC. "Matzah Centers" and 500 public Seders in all 426 communities of the FJC will assist Jews in celebrating Passover to the fullest.

"Our Goal is to bridge the gap of the generations" said Lev Leviev, President of the FJC "from the elderly who celebrated Passover in secret in the Soviet Union with their grandchildren who need to be introduced to Jewish life in the modern day."

The matzah campaign, rabbinic student trips, and the public Seders are sponsored by Mr. Lev and Olga Leviev, The Rohr Family Foundation of NY and Florida, and thousands of North American and local donors who responded to the FJC Passover appeal.

Source: FJC

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