A Seder in Midtown Manhattan

New York City, NY

April 2, 2004

There’s no telling which faces will be in the crowd at Chabad of Midtown’s Seders this year. Situated at the virtual crossroads of the world- 5th Avenue and 42nd Street- Chabad of Midtown’s year-round events attract a lively and diverse mix of Manhattan locals, tourists, and visiting businesspeople. On Passover, says director Rabbi Joshua Metzger, the picture looks no different.

Chabad of Midtown conducts two Seders concurrently on each of the Seder nights, each one host to some 150-200 people. At Abigael’s restaurant on Broadway and The Prime Grill on 49th Street, Chabad, in partnership with the restaurant managements, offers a high-end gourmet Kosher-for-Passover meal with all of the tradition and spirit that are the hallmark of a Chabad Seder.

“A lot of people in Midtown live far from their families and aren’t able to spend the holidays with them,” says Metzger. “For those people, Chabad of Midtown becomes a surrogate family, especially at this time of year.”

Businesspeople often find themselves in similar situations, he says, and may end up spending Passover far from their families. Many of them will make their way over to Chabad of Midtown’s Seders, along with tourists and the locals.

With menus to satisfy even the most discriminating palates, and spiritual stimulation for everyone, Metzger says the Seders promise to delight and inspire. For information or to reserve your spot, log on to www.chabadofmidtown.com, or call 212 972 0770.

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