New Reps to Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires


October 25, 2004

By day it is bustling with business, at night it attracts a fashionable, theater-going element. Puerto Madero, the lively area on the Buenos Aires port thrives with business lofts, restaurants, residential hi-rises, and an eight-theater cinema complex. Ten years ago, this 15-area block, abandoned and decrepit, was saved by an audacious urban renewal project that restored the original port, and developed a riverfront promenade, attracting an upper-middle class element.

Now, with the appointment of Chabad-Lubavitch representatives to Puerto Madero, the community will have its first Jewish institution. “The area is altogether new,” explains Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, director of Chabad activities in Argentina. Grunblatt announced the appointment of Rabbi and Mrs. Chayim Baruch Oirechman to Puerto Madera.

“Our Shluchim will introduce a full range of Chabad activities to the area—beginning with a pre-school and a shul—for Jewish families living in Puerto Madera who would like to benefit from a more meaningful spiritual lifestyle.”

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