New Volume in Chasidic Heritage Series Published

by Tova Berenbaum - Lubavitch Headquarters

January 6, 2005

Have you ever had the desire to transform your inner self but weren’t really sure where to start? Well, you may soon receive some help in that endeavor. Kehot Publication Society, the Lubavitch Publishing House, has just released Transforming the Inner Self, the fifteenth volume in its ever-expanding Chasidic Heritage Series.

The series presents Chasidic discourses from the Lubavitcher Rebbes in a comprehensive, user-friendly style that makes lofty concepts more accessible to the average reader. Transforming the Inner Self is a discourse from Likkutei Torah, the famous work of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad-Chasidism. The anniversary of his passing was recently marked on 24 Tevet.

“What’s unique about this series is that it’s the only place where you’ll find a Chasidic discourse alongside its English translation,” says Rabbi Ari Sollish, managing editor of Kehot. Translators do their utmost to ensure that the language is straightforward rather than stuffy and pretentious. “You don’t feel like you’re reading a translation. It’s very readable yet it retains its faithfulness to the Hebrew text,” he says.

The Chasidic Heritage Series also features commentary and reference throughout the text, along with explanatory footnotes and comprehensive sources, courtesy of the hard-working Kehot research team. Each volume contains an introduction and summary which helps to initiate the reader into the esoteric concepts that will be discussed.

“Sometimes you can get lost within the framework of the discourse,” says Sollish. “The Introduction and Summary keeps everything in perspective.”

Each volume includes a page displaying a facsimile of an original manuscript by the author of the discourse along with a portrait of that particular Rebbe. Certain books also contain biographical sketches of the Rebbes.

Kehot plans to publish three more volumes in the Chasidic Heritage Series before Passover.

To purchase a copy of Transforming the Inner Self, visit the Kehot website at: kehotonline.

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