Chabad Representative Named Among Top 25 Influential Community Leaders


March 25, 2005

The Acorn, an Agoural Hills, CA, community newspaper named Chabad-Lubavitch representative, Rabbi Moshe Bryski one of this year's top 25 influential community leaders. The following is an excerpt from The Acorn's March 23 feature.

Our communities make us proud. From Thousand Oaks to Hidden Hills and all points in between, we enjoy a beautiful environment, have excellent schools and benefit from strong businesses. Very few people who live here will tell you they’d rather be somewhere else. Today, The Acorn presents the Top 25 People of 2005, our inaugural tribute to the local men and women who help makeour community special. What these leaders share is a desire to build and maintain a high quality of life. Volunteers, business people, educators and politicians—congratulations all. You’re in the Top 25.

Rabbi Moshe Bryski-Executive Director, Chabad of the Conejo. For more than 20 years, Rabbi Bryski has been taking his message of unity to the community. The Chabad's open-door philosophy comes as a breath of fresh air in today's troubled world. The Chabad houses from Calabasas to Westlake encourage all members of the community to explore their cultural roots and celebrate life. Bryski serves as the driving force behind the organization's many outreach programs, including Friendship Circle, an opportunity that allows local teens to pair up and assist special needs children. Family and education are the twin pillars of the Chabad message. Bryski brings it on.

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