Chabad Prepares for the Final Four in Moscow


May 1, 2005

Some 5,000 Israelis are expected to arrive in Moscow on May 6, when Russia's capital city will host the Euroleague Final Four basketball games.

The Israelis are coming to cheer for the Maccabis, a frequent Final Four team at these games. For Rabbi Yakov Fridman, director of Chabad activities for Israelis in Moscow, it’s a windfall.

“It’s a huge event and thousands of Israelis will be participating. We want to be there for them from the moment they land in Moscow, to make the experience a good one for them, and to make it meaningful as well,” he says.

Towards that end, Fridman is coordinating a dynamic program including Shabbat services and dinners at the Marina Roscha Center in Moscow. Thus far, more than 1,000 have made reservations. “No matter who wins in the finals,” he says, “this is going to be a memorable Shabbat for all the participants.”

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