Chief Rabbi of Irkutsk Visits Jews of Mongolia


August 10, 2005

Last Sunday, Chief Rabbi of Irkutsk and Chabad Lubavich emissary Aaron Wagner paid a visit to Jews residing in Mongolia, which is situated just south of the border with Russia's Siberian region. Mongolia's small Jewish community consists primarily of businessmen and their families, as well as Jews serving as humanitarian aid workers from around the globe.

During his visit, Rabbi Wagner met with many members of the local Jewish community and spoke to them about the importance of maintaining a strong community in such a remote country.

Since the city of Irkutsk is the Jewish community closest to Mongolia that is served by a rabbi, Rabbi Wagner suggested that the two communities should maintain close contact and provide mutual support to one another. Participants at the meeting also took the occasion to discuss opportunities such as sending kosher grape juice and matzah to the local Jewish community for Passover Seders, as well as candles for use at Chanukah.

The Jewish community of Irkutsk is a member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.


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