Selichot Prayer Book Now Translated to Russian

Brooklyn, NY

September 3, 2007

Three Chabad Lubavitch-affiliated organizations working for the benefit of Russian Jewry in different parts of the world, recently collaborated to print a high quality edition of Selichot, the penitential prayers said in the week before Rosh Hashana.

The new edition was printed by the  F.R.E.E. Publishing House, the publishing arm of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, in a cooperative effort between the Lechaim Publishing House  and the SHAMIR Publishing House, and features a contemporary Russian translation, alongside the Hebrew text.

This beautifully typeset book will serve to enhance and make more meaningful the saying of Selichot for Russian Jews not yet fluent in Hebrew.

To order this publication or for more information, visit: , or call 718-467-0860 ext. 118.

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