Chabad Prepares 40 Mobile Sukkahs For Jews of New York State

Lubavitch Headquarters

September 20, 2007

Traditionally, preparations for Sukkot begin within hours after the Yom Kippur fast is over. 

Chabad Yeshiva students at Lubavitch Headquarters are getting a headstart, as they begin, even before Yom Kippur, to assemble the ubiquitous Sukkah Mobiles that cruise the streets of New York State during this eight-day festival.

The portable Sukkas constructed on the back of a truck bring the celebration of Sukkot to Jewish people everywhere. On city streets and at malls, people are invited into the Sukkah and offered to make the blessing on the lulav and etrog--the four species.

This year it is estimated that over forty Sukkah Mobiles will be in circulation.

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