Torah Scroll Stolen From Yeshiva

Cottage Grove, MN

October 10, 2007

A Torah was stolen from Yeshiva High School in Cottage Grove, Minnesota during the Sukkot holiday.

The sacred scroll was worth more than $35,000. But to the Jewish community, the Torah was priceless in its historic and religious value.

"There's a feeling of violation when your car is stolen, or when your purse is snatched," said Rabbi Mottel Friedman, executive director of the Chabad Yeshiva, "The feeling of having our Torah stolen, our most precious inheritance, is the worst type of violation. Our very souls have been wounded."

The rabbis and students are asking the public to help them recover the holy item. The Torah was donated to the school in 2006 in honor of the school’s opening.

Cottage Grove Police are investigating the theft.

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