107 Year-Old Political Cartoonist Celebrates Birthday

Moscow, Russia

October 17, 2007

Boris Efimov, the Soviet and Russian political cartoonist best known for his political caricatures of Adolf Hitler, celebrated his 107th birthday earlier this week, at the Moscow Jewish Community Center, reported the FJC.

Born Boris Fridland in Kiev, the son of a Jewish shoemaker, he caricatured Nazis before and during the war, and then at the Nuremberg Trials.

Efimov, who may well be the oldest Jew in the world, is still working, and last month he was appointed chief artist of the Izvetsia newspaper.

After decades of religious suppression in communist Russia, Mr. Efimov publicly embraced his Jewish identity and chose to celebrate his birthday with the Jewish community. Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, greeted the centenarian with warm blessings.

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