Chanukah Food Aid To Reach 15,000 Jewish Families in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

November 28, 2007

During the week leading up to Chanukah, the 'Shaarei Tsedek' Charity Center in Moscow has been handing out 15,000 specially-prepared food aid packages in honor of the festival of Lights. Each of these parcels contains the 12 products most used in preparing meals, all of which are certified by the Kashrut Department operating under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia.

The first food packages were presented on Wednesday, November 21st, with more than 1,000 handed out that day. Each recipient also received a 30-page colorful guide, which includes details on the history and traditions Chanukah.

Packages included a traditional Chanukah treat – a bottle of sunflower oil and a hand-packaged container of jelly-filled donuts. The treats are also offered fresh at the kosher café operating out of the 'Shaarei Tsedek' Charity Center, located in the Marina Roscha neighborhood. 

The Sharei Tsedek center is run under the Auspices of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.

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