Chanukah with Chabad

Lubavitch Headquarters, NY

Once upon a time, Jewish children got short shrift when December came around.

Most of them were taught to be shy about their Jewish identity and they kept a low Jewish profile.  The old metal menorah in the attic never saw the light. They didn't much celebrate Chanukah, or even know what it was all about.

But things have changed since. The first time Chabad decided to put up a giant menorah in a public square, the adults were shocked. Some even protested . . . But the kids, they were delighted. And passersby loved the light.

That is of course, what Chanukah is all about: light and warmth and Jewish pride.

Today, there are thousands of giant menorahs in public squares round the world. There are Dreidel Houses and Macy's Chanukah Galas and eight days of Chanukah parades packed with pomp and circumstance that make the adults proud and keep the kids engaged and educated about their Jewish history.

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