At Norther Arizona University, Students Remember 9/11 With Mitzvahs

Flagstaff, Arizona

September 22, 2008

( Chabad at Northern Arizona University encouraged students to commemorate 9/11 with acts of rebuilding, through performing good deeds. Student organizers stood at a booth with red, white, and blue papers. They invited their peers to commit, on paper, to performing a specific mitzvah of their own choosing. The completed papers hung proudly on a memorial string. Organizers printed 250 blank sheets in the morning but found that they quickly needed more than double that amount.

According to the university paper, JackCentral, over 500 students each chose a mitzvah to perform. Rabbi Dovie Shapiro, campus rabbi, was thrilled with the turnout. “Chabad members wanted to transform a day of horror and evil into a day of goodness and kindness,” he said  

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