A Menorah Is Stolen From Holocaust Memorial Site in Ukraine

Pervamaisk, Ukraine

October 29, 2008

The Federation of the Jewish Communities of the Commonwealth of Independent States has condemned an act of vandalism in Pervomaisk, Ukraine, where a metal menorah has been stolen from a memorial to Holocaust victims. "The menorah was part of a commemorative memorial near which thousands of people gather each year on Victory Day to pay homage to the Holocaust victims," the federation said in a statement circulated on Monday. The Jewish community of Pervomaisk reported the incident to police. An investigation has been launched but so far police have no leads. Pervomaisk chief rabbi Levi-Yitshak Perelshtein said he is inclined to link the disappearance of the menorah to anti-Semitic activity which he said has somewhat intensified recently. Earlier, insulting inscriptions were painted on the fence of a local Jewish cemetery. At the same time, the rabbi does not rule out that the menorah was stolen by metal hunters. (interfax)

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