Kosher Food Online In Moscow

Kosher Food Online In Moscow

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Moscow, Russia

June 5, 2009

( Moscow’s renowned Kosher food store has launched an exciting new project that is certain to be a big hit with local Jews and even visitors to the Russian capital. This latest development makes Kosher the first online kosher food store in Russia, offering customers the convenience of home delivery.

The assortment of available foods includes fresh vegetables and fruits, canned goods, meat and dairy products, beverages, juices and wines. All of these products may now be ordered on-line or by phone, enabling people to purchase the products they need without having to leaving home. This will be especially welcome news to the many elderly, sick and otherwise homebound Jews residing in Moscow.

The store’s latest advertisement reads, “People of different nationalities and religions rely on kosher food’s high quality. Our range of kosher food products includes many local and imported items, which most consumers in the United States, Western Europe, and now Russia will agree are products of the utmost quality.”

The on-line division of the store has just started, and it is expected to grow based on the market’s demand. Thanks to interest from the many people who now appreciate kosher food, this online shopping initiative will quickly reach full speed.

Kosher is located in the Marina Roscha neighborhood, not far from the Moscow Jewish Community Center and the Shaarei Tsedek Charitable Center.

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