Love the Cause, Hate the Dinner? Farbrengen With Chabad!

Love the Cause, Hate the Dinner? Farbrengen With Chabad!


June 12, 2009

( WEST ORANGE, N.J., Monday, June 01, 2009 – Lubavitch Center of Essex County announced the launching of a Chasidic farbrengen style evening to be hosted in honor of the 15th yahrzeit of the Rebbe's passing,  at Crystal Plaza In Livingston, NJ on Monday evening June 22.

Billed  “Farbrengen Live” - The Story and Soul of Our People (in memory of Dovid Ben Yosef HaCohen), the event  is not a lecture or a speech, but a kumzits where the sharing of wisdom and ideas, stories and song, food and l’chaims create a memorable and inspiring experience.

 “We have turned our Annual Dinner, from just another dinner in a very difficult year into the most exciting program we have ever worked on,” says Rabbi Boruch Klar of the Lubavitch Center.  “It is my dream to share the Chasidic insights of the Rebbe with everyone in the community.  It’s the essence, life and joy of our Torah, transforming our lives.”

Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson, a popular Chasidic lecturer, and author of the series “A Tale of Two Souls” and “Rebuilding a Shattered World” will lead the farbrengen. The program will be broadcast live on the web to upwards of 200,000 people worldwide.

To learn more about Farbrengen Live click here:

Have you heard Rabbi Jacobson speak?

The sample video below runs for a bit over an hour, but it's well worth your time.

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