Flashback!: Gan Israel Campsite Purchased

Flashback!: Gan Israel Campsite Purchased

Children playing baseball, Gan Israel, 2009

New York

August 13, 2009

 In this week's Flashback! lubavitch.com presents a news release from 1969 announcing the purchase of a new Campsite by Chabad-Lubavitch.

It was forty years ago this summer that the popular Camp Gan Israel overnight boys' camp purchased a sprawling property in the Catskills Mountains.


World wide camp network reaches 6,000 Jewish children annually

NEW YORK (LNS) - Purchase of a new campsite which will accommodate more than 400 Jewish boys was announced here by Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, the educational arm of the Lubavitcher movement.

The new camp is located on a 60 acre tract in the Catskill resort area of Parksville, near Liberty, New York.

The camp's director, Rabbi Abraham Shemtov, who is also director of the Lubavitcher office in Philadelphia, said that despite the late purchase date the camp was already filled to more than half of its capacity for the first four weeks of the camping season, and that it would operate at full capacity during the second half of the season.

The new campsite has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a large lake, Turkish and Sauna baths, air conditioned dining halls, spacious bunks and affords all recreational facilities.

The camp, which will be known as 'Gan Israel,' is the eleventh link in the world wide chain of overnight camps operated by Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch in countries throughout the world. There is a 'Gan Israel' in Michigan. Elsewhere they can be found in Israel, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Italy and Morocco.

This Lubavitcher network of camps offers a fine recreational and educational summer vacation to more than 6,000 Jewish youngsters each summer.

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