Chanukah First At Staples Center

Chanukah First At Staples Center

by Levi Margolin - Los Angeles, CA

December 22, 2009

( Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, director of Chabad of Historic Core, was joined by three other Chabad Emissaries from the Los Angeles area at Staples Center on Monday, December 14th. The event, dubbed "Jewish Heritage Night," was the first of its kind at Staples Center, home to the NBA's LA Lakers, Clippers and the NHL's Kings.

Prior to the game, Greenwald kindled the Menorah as thousands of fans looked on. Several thousand Jewish fans, in the stands specifically for Jewish Heritage Night, applauded Rabbi Greenwald. The Rebbe's call to hold public Menorah lightings and share the light and joy of the festival, said Greenwald, was his inspiration to get involved with Jewish Heritage Night.

"What better way to spread the word, then at a stadium with thousands of captivated fans" he said.

Rabbi Simcha Backman, director of Chabad of Glendale and the Foothill Communites called it an evening of "Inspiration at Staples". Backman said Blake Griffin, the first pick in the NBA's 2009 draft for the Clippers, who is rehabbing from injury, attended the event and put on a free throw display just before the lighting of the Menorah.

"Fans came out to support their team and were privileged to witness the first Menorah lighting at Staples Center," said Rabbi Backman.

"And they got to see the Clippers beat the Wizards. What a great night!".

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