Remember Aftonbladet?

Baila Olidort

February 22, 2010

( Once a haven for Holocaust survivors, Sweden is now gaining notoriety for its anti-Semitism, prompting Jews who’ve lived there for as long as six decades to leave. Especially disturbing to Jews of Malmo, where acts of anti-Semitism are now a frequent occurrence, is the apparent indifference by the city’s Mayor, and poor policing to protect its Jewish citizens.

“We live with this day-to-day,” admits Chabad’s Rabbi Schneur Kesselman in Malmo. With 20 percent of the city’s population now Muslim, Malmo’s Muslim population is now even greater, proportionally, than is Paris’s

Kesselman has no plans to leave. But he would like to see things change from the top down. “It’s time the political leadership takes a clear and strong position against anti-Semitism, not only in words, but in action.”

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