Gan Israel Teenager Administers CPR, Saves Life

Gan Israel Teenager Administers CPR, Saves Life

Gan Israel of Alpharetta/Johns Creek

by Mordechai Lightstone - Alpharetta, GA

August 19, 2010

( A counselor who had just returned from a summer at Camp Gan Israel of Alpharetta, GA came to the rescue at an Engelwood Cliffs, New Jersey gas station, when a 19 year old girl collapsed on site.

As a matter of policy, Camp Gan Israel in Alpharetta, GA mandates that all counselors be trained in administering first aid and CPR. According to camp director Rabbi Dov Ber Thaler, first aid and CPR skills are only one element “of the comprehensive set of qualifications we look for.” Indeed, the camp, which drew 175 children this summer, takes pride in its highly qualified staff.

Leah Fischer*, the counselor who came to the rescue at the NJ gas station, says that while she enjoyed the training and was glad to have acquired this set of important skills, she “never expected to put any of it use.”

But when chaos broke out at the gas station, Fisher was prepared. After confirming that the girl had no pulse, she began to perform CPR.

“I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline,” Fisher recalls. “It was complete blur.”

An ambulance arrived, rushing the unconscious girl to a local hospital.

According to Lt. Walter Siri of the Palisades Interstate Park Police, it is due in part to the “quick thinking” of Fisher that “the young lady in question is still alive today.”

Fisher says she is glad she was able to “help out another person.”

*Name has been changed upon request.

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