Chanukah: Miracle Of The Ages For All Ages

Chanukah: Miracle Of The Ages For All Ages

A kid with his Knex Chanukah dreidel top in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Below students make their very own Chanukah jelly doughnuts and a senior kindles the menorah in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

by Dovid Zaklikowski - Houston, Texas

December 9, 2014

At the mall, the town square and the city park, public menorah lightings, menorahs on wheels and menorah topped car convoys will be bringing Chanukah's celebration of Jewish pride and practice to every demographic. Here is a sampling:

At Chabad of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, activities begin on the first night of Chanukah with a grand menorah lighting at Flag Plaza Warren. Then a party for the Zimmer Preschool kids; on Thursday an adults only Chanukah party, and the day after that a party for Hebrew School children. On Sunday, a group of teens will be heading to Brooklyn for Chanukah at the Nets stadium.

Different this year, says Chaya Shemtov of Basking Ridge, are parties geared to different ages. “All these years we were having these large events, but for the most part, they were geared towards young children, leaving people without children feeling a bit awkward.” Now there’ll be an adults-only party, one for teens, and others for school children.

Between the eight Chabad centers in the Houston, Texas, area, the locals can choose their options and even the night they'd like to party, with many different events happening on the same night. Events include Olive Press at the Children's Museum of Houston, Chanukah menorah lightings at local parks and the mall. It will also include a Young Adults Boat Party: “Jews Cruise” on Sunday night.

At Chabad in the Houston area there’ll be more focus this year on the meaning of the Festival of Lights. “Chanukah is one of the most beloved Jewish holidays commemorating the victory of the Jewish people over their Hellenistic oppressors,” says Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, co-director of Chabad of Uptown in Houston. “At the local centers, classes will take a closer look at the war with the Hellenists; the significance of  miracle of the Chanukah oil and its relevance to us today, especially for millennials.”

In North Phoenix a “Chanukah Ladies Night Out” is new on the list of events. Guests will be bringing Chanukah gifts for children with special needs; a Latka Bar; and a demonstration of techniques of tasteful gift wrapping. Two local Ace and Home Depot hardware stores will be hosting menorah making workshops.

This year's lineup of Chabad of Las Vegas’s Chanukah events includes a party for seniors, five different public menorah lighting locations and a Chanukah bash for the students at the University of Las Vegas.

To find a Chanukah event in your area, visit our Chabad locator and contact your local center, or visit their websites for local listings.

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