#ShareTheLights: Menorah's Message to Millions

#ShareTheLights: Menorah's Message to Millions


by Staff Writer - Brooklyn, NY

December 18, 2014

Now trending, the hashtag #ShareTheLights is getting millions of people in on the Chanukah tradition of sharing the lights and the inspiration of this ancient holiday.

“The age of social media has made it possible to bring the message of Chanukah to society at large to a degree never before achievable,” Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos Suite 302, a division of the educational arm of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, said. “It unites millions of people around a mitzvah—kindling the menorah lights.”

Filling the cyber sphere are Chanukah themed photos posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook—among other social media tools. Rabbis Levi and Mendy Margolin and Duvi Feldman kicked it off after months of  preparation. Stickers, cards and banners bearing the hashtag #ShareTheLights are getting the word out.

“Chabad activists are also sharing the hashtag with people in the street as they distribute menorah kits during the eight day Chanukah festival,” says Feldman, an e-commerce cell phone company representative who puts his spare time to use  working on Jewish outreach projects.

The campaign, conducted across the globe in five languages, can be see on ShareTheLights.org.

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