The Shmuel Rohr Brit Milah Clinic of Russia Opens

The Shmuel Rohr Brit Milah Clinic of Russia Opens

Board members of the Avi Chai Foundation cut the ribbon to the new clinic.

by Staff Writer - Moscow, Russia

June 1, 2015

At Marina Roscha—Moscow’s Jewish Community Center—men and women make life changes on a daily basis as they discover their Jewish traditions.

“Today there will be five circumcisions here,” noted Rabbi Berel Lazar, the country’s chief rabbi, Monday afternoon.

Remarkably, they are young and not-so young men who, having learned about the fundamentals of Judaism, are choosing to have a brit mila.

Lazar greeted a group of visitors, board and staff members of Avi Chai on a tour of Moscow, who accompanied Mr. George Rohr at the ribbon cutting of The Shmuel Rohr Brit Mila Clinic of Russia, named for Mr. Rohr’s father.

“The idea is to do what we can so that the brit does occur on the eighth day,” said Rabbi Lazar. Until then five circumcisions a day, on average—many for adults, not babies—is all in a day’s work at the Brit Mila Clinic, which now has its own dedicated facilities.

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